Friday, April 18, 2008

Durante 6 meses pensé que "Mesh Gear Fox" era una canción de amor.

Hasta que anteayer leí la letra. Y me dí cuenta que es una canción de despecho, de decir "bueno, hasta ahora sí, pero ya no, se colmó el vaso, se cruzó la línea. Jódete"

And oh, mesh gear fox
Put out another bag of tricks from scientific box
Time's wasting and you're not gonna live forever
And if you doI'll come back and marry you
No use changin' now
You couldn't anyhow and ever (forever?)

It's not the way that I fear that I feel
It's the way you act
It's the way you look when you're near me
It's not so hard to conceal to concede? (conceal?)
It's the things you say
It's the things you do go right through me

Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox

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